Here are some lyrics for songs that I am Developing.


Forget that self negative vibe. I build up my ego into an unbreakable mood. It will not ever be broken. Without luck I stay invincible, all in the mindset. I stand tall even if my knees were broken. Can't be stopped, can't say I failed cause I declare shit isn't finished. My hate conspires to you. Within my hate there may be love, but it don't mean that I want to call off fighting. take you down, fist strong. I challenge all you punks. Anyone want to fight with someone best be me because I will fight anyone. I am the toughest. Now eat that rap

life comes and goes so quickly. I am not even the man anymore. My plan got confused, rearranged. destroyed, unrecognizable spirit, searching to be found.

I lost you somewhere; it broke my heart.

This is what I call love. This is what love is to me. I shatter our bridge, our connection. I do it for you. I make sure you make it. Staying in the background I, you'll never know how strong my love is for you. I make sure you make it over the river. That's what I call love. You return, no questions asked. You tell me you came back for me. That's what I call love.

This time is going to last forever because I said so. Time was meant to last forever. Deep in my heart and memories; this time will last forever.

The way i see things. Men are bleeding, and girls are screaming. This world we living in is harsh on the skin. How can those who ask for help not get help from those who can? I see my friends cry when they are starving... Good for your heart my friends say. You cannot hear him.. or care.. We need so many drugs to deal with this difficult world. Too many problems are shattering our dreams.

Money, I do not want to be rich if you cannot be with me. This world we come to, too many of my folks living close to broke. My friends, where is the heart. This is the way it goes ....

Learn to be happy and smile again.

Some of these people

Over the years I have learn that my mind is strong and it is best that I keep suffering. Constant changing is the best progress by far.

I wanted to be more offensive. I wanted to be more insensitive, so maybe I could regret it later on. That is why I am sing this song. I believe in God but not in any religions. You all think about ethical right and wrong should be sporting more books so that you could dictate to others how they should live their life. Matter fact, you ought to hold their hand. This one goes out to the law, building more prisons. Forget them and your feelings, your judgements are not sane. There is no perfection outside of God. Heaven is a parallel universe; howeve,r kingship is outdated even in that universe. Jesus is equal with all, just like the former fathers of america recognized "all men [and women] are created equal" i denouce being ruled. No religion could save bastards. God is my equal. All laws govern the same. Reality is relative; there are multiple truths. This is not how I would have imagined the world to be when beauty can be in forever. Absolute truth is meaningless because you do not have to do the same. Universal and universals are saying the same.I believe in God but not in any religion. I denouce you those who think you are better than other human beings. You think God would interact with humans? Create inequality that shall do. However, God is more true and smarter than that. Its His design. So you all need to write more books and give them to other people. YOu might as well hold their hands because that is what you are doing. God knows better than all you parasites.


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