God, I hate unmoral relationships. Dear God, I hate not only the sexual predators that start these relationships, but also that of the wrong and unmoral things people do in relationships.

The moral outcome cannot be the same. Why do they do such things?



God I have served you and I will continue to serve you. I ask that you protect me just as though I protect those who need protection.

Michaels loads up his .22 barrel as he stands outside waiting for his drug trade. This is the similar situation he faced many days, which all started many years ago. Many years ago back when there were still protests of life. Michaels takes a walk around. This is him found.

A nice black escorado with tinted windows and nice rims rolls up. A window is lowered, the passenger’s side. This is Harvey, he asks for the current price, and an exchange is made.

The white dust in the bag still learn it is pure like that of those who are unfound. Like those who are pure

Lost in the heat of the moment, Michaels continues to go from uptown to downtown.

He walks and notices many things. Many fancy stores where the heart reigns.

Night owl, he is, He travels along street side. The beautiful store' windows display a vast array of clothing items. Here is where she can be found. The girl in the window.

Like so many other dreams, so many dreams that were not mine. This is the girl who is in the dreams.

He character, her spirit, is raw. Un-harmable because she was always well protected while coming to age. This is her now as she fixes the clothing on a maniac. A fake body is what she fixes.

Enter Janet, This is her life. She loves her and she loaves life. Pure like that of the white stuff that was once exchanged in the heart of the city is she. College bond, she works nightly sheets and attends college in the morning low. Life is amazing when there is a future to be found. A life to live, to yearn to grow.

Trapped in his own mind, in his own heart is that of an impossible spirit, that is Michael. Dead is his body. Strong his mind always been. Spirit is that of anger and revenge.

Revenge for what men do, for what people do. For what his kind does, set foot to empower the world by setting it free from pain, that of which he is.

Now as Michael has ended his run, as he has now spoken and changed the way the world s run, he drops s effortlessly to the floor. HE drops his gun.

Unloading of his clip is what he does as he lays his head upon his pillow.

His pillow is that of white and pure in character. This is Michael’s bed, and his day is done.